In harmony with nature

More than 15 years have passed since the first organic product left Worlée's warehouse and much has happened in the meantime. “Organic“ has gone from a marginal product category to a mass trend. People choose healthier, more sustainable food. And Worlée has not stood still in this time either, developing a portfolio that has grown to include around 450 organic raw materials. To see if your product of choice is also available in organic quality, look here

With our numerous organic projects, our family-owned company works to promote organic farming in countries of origin. Additionally, more and more raw materials are certified with the Fairtrade seal – an important step in the process of improving working and living conditions for farmers and their families in the countries of origin. More information about our social commitment and involvement can be found here

Of course, our range of products also includes superfoods such as turmeric, coconut or goji berries. Contact us for more information.

Transparency along the supply chain

Since 2009, Worlée NaturProdukte GmbH belongs to Sedex (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange), an organisation of companies committed to the improvement of ethical trade.

Membership signals a dedication to transparency with regards to fair wages and working conditions as well as adherence to different environmental guidelines.

More and more fruits, herbs, teas and spices also feature the Fairtrade label, which guarantees a reasonable income for thirdworld farmers.

To get more information about our certifications and quality standards, please click here

Organic specifially developed to suit our customers

It also goes without saying that Worlée offers individual products made according to customer specifications along with a constantly increasing number of organic and Fairtrade products. Consequently, we respond individually to customer wishes and work in close consultation with customers to develop suitable products.

International exhibitions and business trips abroad provide inspiration for the creation of new taste experiences in our R&D Centre as well as for improvements to existing products. 

Worlée’s organic raw materials have a wide diversity of applications, e.g. organic mango in a delicious cereal or fruit bar. Together we will find the optimal variation for your organic product.

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