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Highest quality for the best eating and drinking culture

It is a great challenge for the food industry to stay one step ahead of the changing nutritional trends of our time. With our high-quality dried food raw materials and our extensive expertise, you can be sure that we will help your products to stand out from the crowd. On request, we will develop product and application recommendations as well as solutions and recipes that are precisely tailored to your individual needs.

Whether vegetables, herbs, spices, mushrooms, nuts or fruits - our diverse product range leaves no limits to your culinary creativity. In addition to conventionally grown raw materials, we offer many organic products and more and more raw materials with Fairtrade and UTZ seal. Our goods with German quality certification are grown by selected farmers around the world and refined in Hamburg in state-of-the-art production facilities.

Areas of application

Are you looking for high-quality, dried food raw materials? Then take a look at our product search and be inspired by the variety of products made from local and exotic raw materials.

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Choose from local and exotic food raw materials and sell not only dairy products, but Health & Lifestyle.

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Sweets & Bakery

Find the ideal ingredient mix of natural sweetness, colour and flavour. We are here to help you with product ideas.

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Pharma & Flavouring

Choose the right nutritional supplements from our product range that naturally support your clients' immune defences.

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Large selection of vegetables, herbs, spices, mushrooms and fruit powders for your sauce and soup recipe.

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From single raw materials and blends to assortment concepts - choose from our varied portfolio and enhance your formulation.

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Animal Feed

Choose from different vegetables, fruits, herbs, medicinal plants or spices for your pet and livestock recipe.

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