Working together for the products of tomorrow

From large corporations to medium-sized enterprises to start-up, we work together with every kind of company to meet the challenges of the food industry and find solutions tailored to meet individual needs. This is a natural consequence of today’s continually changing nutrition trends and shifts in our eating and drinking habits that constantly escalate pressure on the food industry. To meet the challenge of rising demand for customer-specific formulations and new applications, Worlée can provide a comprehensive range of services including a variety of customer options in its food technology department consisting of a technical centre, show kitchen and tea development. Offering everything from workshops to tastings to training sessions to development of small and large samples, the members of our dedicated research and development team are ready to use their expertise and professional equipment to advise and support you with your specific wishes and questions.

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Our range of services

In our workshops, we work together with you to develop new ideas and concepts or to support you in optimizing existing products. Intensive analysis of developing trends along with tastings may be included in our workshops. We are pleased to create programs to meet your individual needs.

Process technology
Whether for emulsions, sauces, soups, pastes, dry blends or pastry based – our modern state-of-the-art technical centre provides you with many solutions for your development projects. Our professional machinery offers the flexibility to meet customer requirements.

Formulation/Application development
We work together with you to develop new custom formulations and application ideas.

We work together with you to optimize and further develop existing formulations, particularly taking into account the changing needs of consumers.

Small and large samples
We can produce small samples up to 4 kg and larger samples starting at 5 kg for you.

Product and thematic training sessions
Would you like to know more about our dried raw materials and processes? We are pleased to offer intensive training sessions during which we provide detailed information about origins, characteristics and application possibilities of our products as part of a tasting and we present current trends.

After Sales Service
We would be pleased to provide you with consultation and support services in the areas of international supply chain management, logistics and quality assurance.

Your advantages at a glance

When you put your trust in Worlée, you gain access to a wide variety of research and development services that provide you with real added value:

  • All-in-One-Solution
  • Creativity
  • A wealth of ideas
  • Excellent expertise
  • Professional equipment
  • Customer-specific service
  • Diverse offerings
  • Established business partner
  • Wide industry knowledge

... and much more!

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Dr. Richard Röhlig

Head of technical centre & show kitchen
Phone: +49 (0)40 73333 5141

Jacqueline Hembach

Technical centre & show kitchen
Phone: +49 (0)40 73333 5140

Johanna Geyer

Technical centre & show kitchen
Phone: +49 (0)40 73333 5143

Malte Bergeest

Teamlead Tea development
Phone: +49 (0)40 73333 5017