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Environmentally friendly and socially fair products right from the source

As part of our quality policy of offering safe products through a sustainable supply chain, Worlée upholds long-term partnerships with carefully selected suppliers worldwide. In order to inspect the local cultivation and working conditions as well as the quality of the organic raw materials, our trained employees conduct regular audits in the countries of origin. This way, we can ensure that the raw materials meet our quality requirements before they are sent on their way to Hamburg. As a transparent company, we also subject ourselves to stringent external audits by customers and certification authorities.

We want to prove that we also meet the industry’s special quality standards and the increasing requirements concerning food and animal feed safety. We have undergone voluntary company auditing and certification in accordance with the standards FSSC 22000 (Food Safety System Certification 22000), ISO 22000 (International Organization for Standardization 22000), BRC for Agents and Brokers, GMP+ B1 and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point). Many of our products are kosher and halal-certified.

Transparency is also our top priority in the supply chain for our organic products. Therefore, in addition to offering products that are certified in accordance with the EU requirements for organic farming, Worlée NaturProdukte GmbH also meets other organic standards, such as Naturland or National Organic Program (NOP).

An increasing number of our fruit, herbs, teas and spices carry Fairtrade or Rainforest Alliance-certification. Through this, we help to ensure that social, ecological and economic criteria are met throughout the added value chain in order to promote the sustainable development of producers in the countries of origin. Fair wages and regulated working conditions are made equally as transparent as compliance with various environmental regulations.

Our organic cooperation projects

Exquisite organic quality through trained expertise and networking

A large network of farmers, its own farms, cutting-edge production facilities and experienced employees enable our partner EOAS Organics to produce premium-quality spice and coconut products. Based in Sri Lanka, the company was established in 1999 for the production and exportation of high-quality, organic spices, essential oils and oleoresins for the food, flavour, pharmaceutical and nutritional supplement industries. EOAS Organics has been one of Worlée’s main supply partners for many years.

In order to provide the farmers with further training in organic cultivation, EOAS Organics organises various workshops that offer an in-depth look at topics such as the prevention of soil erosion and its long-term effects. Protecting the soil and biodiversity in the cultivation areas is a key concern of EOAS Organics. The company also runs projects for farmers on topics including cultivation systems, compost production as a natural fertiliser and plant propagation. This sustainable commitment embodies the corporate philosophy of Worlée and is reflected through more than 15 years of trusting collaboration.

In order to create keen awareness of the importance of high quality, all employees receive regular training in food safety and quality management. Transparency and continuous self-monitoring through internal audits, tests in accredited laboratories and the resulting corrective measures ensure that EOAS Organics can continuously improve its quality and food safety standards. Grown by local EOAS farmers mainly in small-scale crop combinations spanning more than 1,500 hectares, the coconut and spices such as cinnamon and pepper therefore offer special quality that stands out from monoculture plantations. 

In addition to the aforementioned environmental standards, EOAS is equally committed to social standards. After all, today’s children are tomorrow’s growers. FUTURE FRIENDLINESS is top of the agenda here. In keeping with this, educational grants are awarded and contributions are made to the improvement of local provisions through medical camps and water pumps. Together, these form building blocks for a more secure future.

In order to meet the many requirements of various standards and certification, EOAS now also carries FLO Fairtrade, Naturland, NOP and Bio Suisse certification.

We are proud to exclusively represent EOAS in Sri Lanka.

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Organic cultivation with maximum honesty and integrity

Quality, honesty and integrity are values that our partner Taj Food in Pakistan has embodied since its foundation in 1993. With its in-depth understanding of organic cultivation and high transparency (confirmed by EU Organic, NOP, Fairtrade, IFS, FSSC 22000 and Sedex/SMETA certification) throughout the supply chain, Taj Food closely collaborates with Worlée to offer high-quality, sustainable organic dates to customers all over the world. Sharing the same values and stringent quality commitment forms the foundations for the partners’ common goal: the production of high-quality organic dates with sustainable added value for the customer.

As a producer of organic products, Taj Food is deeply aware of its social responsibility. Through the Taj Welfare Foundation, the company advises and helps local farmers in Pakistan to successfully overcome challenges such as environmental protection and water conservation.

This is only possible through the support of a dedicated group of partners, to which Worlée has belonged for many years. With a share of 2% of the revenue it generates through the sale of organic dates, family-owned Worlée backs the many initiatives of Taj Food, which extend far beyond the company gates. In addition to establishing various support programmes for women, students and children, the Pakistani company is also involved in extending the network of mobile hospitals in order to improve outpatient medical care in the country.

The high-quality organic dates from Taj Food and Worlée therefore not only meet the high quality expectations of customers, but also stand for responsible corporate action for the protection of people and the environment.
As the exclusive distribution partner for organic dates in Europe, Worlée is proud to support the far-reaching ecological and social commitments of Taj Food.

Certified organic products from cultivation to finished goods

With the aim of achieving harmony between the local agricultural ecosystem and surrounding nature whilst liberating local farmers in the Union Provinciale des Producteurs de fruits et legumes de la Comoe (UPPFL) cooperative from external influences, Worlée collaborates with a local partner to run a cultivation project in Burkina Faso.

Backed by expert knowledge and advice from Germany, our partner assists and supports Burkina Faso’s small farmers and family-run agricultural businesses with everything related to biodynamic, organic farming.

In order to ensure adequate support for the farmers, our project partner provides experienced, professional agricultural specialists to accompany farmers through the conversion from conventional to organic farming.

A special feature of the UPPFL is that the majority of workers in the processing plants are women, whose additional income enables them to support their families financially. To allow them to work, the UPPFL provides a free childcare facility.

Worlée places utmost importance on a transparent trade structure that meets the requirements of international organic trade and food processing, all the way from raw material source to finished product. As the exclusive distribution partner in Europe, the Hamburg-based, family-owned company ensures a stable livelihood for farmers in Burkina Faso through the continued purchase of organic mango, cashews, hibiscus and ginger.


Outstanding organic quality from Turkey

Values such as honesty, sincerity, respect and tolerance towards employees and business partners have guided the business practices of IŞIK TARIM since the very beginning.

From apricots to figs to mulberries to sultanas to hazelnuts to sour cherries – with the sales support of Worlée and the Swiss subsidiary Varistor, the Turkish company offers high-quality dried fruits and nuts that are produced with fair and organic methods.

One special feature involves the cultivation of certain products in Happy Villages, a concept initiated by IŞIK in 1991 with the aim of protecting ecosystems as well as improving cultivation conditions for the farmers. With more than 3,700 registered organic farms in more than 150 villages, the so-called Happy Villages, the Turkish company is putting more than 12,000 hectares of land to good use within the framework of the regional project. The farmers within the Happy Villages are not just provided with intensive training in the cultivation and harvesting techniques of organic farming, but also they receive expert advice and monitoring from agricultural specialists. The goal of the project is to encourage the sustainable use of agricultural lands by supporting regional farmers and, in doing so, to conserve the ecosystem in the country.

This exemplary commitment on the part of IŞIK support Worlée and Varistor by making funds available for the improvement of infrastructure and buildings in the villages, for the acquisition of school materials and for the construction of water reservoirs in water shortage situations.

A special project that emerged from the close cooperation in 2013 is the Happy Hazelnut Project. The foundation of the project is the Happy Hazelnuts certification and the "Happy House" in Pasalar. The Happy Hazelnut Project aims to improve the working conditions of Turkish harvest workers and prevent child labour.


UEBT/RA-Certified Herbal Tea Program