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Complaints concerning sustainability issues

Worlée NaturProdukte GmbH is committed to ethical business conduct throughout the entire supply chain, from the farmers and communities at the source all the way to the customers who buy products from us.

If you have a complaint about activities carried out by us or on behalf of our company, please notify us immediately. In order to provide a satisfactory response to your concern and ensure the continuous improvement of our business processes, we endeavour to resolve all issues quickly and efficiently.

This form is designed to help you to submit a complaint about any breaches of occupational health and safety, human rights, general ethical business practices or any other activities that violate the UEBT/UTZ standard. Your complaint may concern more than one of our activities or may relate to something carried out on our behalf by contracted service providers.

In order to be able to identify areas in which supply quality and safety can be improved that might otherwise have gone unnoticed, we keep a record of all complaints made. 

Please note that the use of this form is voluntary. Nevertheless, in order to support our employees in the Sustainability Division, it is important that you complete all the required information.

Complaint form

About You – the Complainant

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The Respondent – who you are complaining about

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Your Complaint:

How do you believe violations in occupational health and safety, human rights, the overall ethical business conducts or any other activities that violate the UEBT/UTZ standard have been occurred?

Collection statement: The sustainability department will use the information you provide to conciliate and investigate your complaint. We may disclose the information you give us to the individuals or organisations named in the complaint and, if necessary, to others who have information relevant to your complaint. All involved parties will strictly adhere to confidentiality and responsibility ensuring that all information will be handled sensitively and relevant data protection requirements are followed.

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