• Chemical Raw Materials - 29.03.2019

    Extraordinarily soft. WorléeSoft.

    WorléeSoft 1035 is a special polyurethane dispersion leading to soft-touch effects.

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  • Natural Raw Materials - 20.03.2019

    Worlée NaturProdukte GmbH joins the Union of Ethical Biotrade (UEBT)

    The North German medium-sized company is intensifying its commitment in the area of "sustainability".

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  • Chemical Raw Materials - 18.03.2019

    Worlée-Chemie veröffentlicht seinen zweiten Nachhaltigkeitsbericht

    Ein Highlight des ersten Quartals bei der Worlée-Chemie ist der zweite Nachhaltigkeitsbericht des mittelständischen Unternehmens. Unter dem Oberthema...

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  • Chemical Raw Materials - 15.03.2019

    Worlée's product innovations at the European Coatings Show 2019

    The family-owned company from northern Germany will present its raw material innovations for paints, lacquers and a wide range of coating applications...

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  • Chemical Raw Materials - 20.02.2019

    New powder coating products for low stoving temperature applications

    Saving energy with Escat 66, Isocryl EP 581, Resiflow PL 330, and WorléeDisperse VP 9100 P.

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  • Natural Raw Materials - 01.02.2019

    Worlée at BIOFACH 2019

    The medium-sized company from Hamburg will present its diverse range of dried organic raw materials at BIOFACH in Nuremberg once again this year.

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  • Chemical Raw Materials - 22.01.2019

    Worlée expands its product group WorléeThix with a “ready to use” version

    The new WorléeThix VP E 167 W is a ready-to-use solution for water-based, non-drip coatings.

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  • Chemical Raw Materials - 21.01.2019

    Worlée expands it's additive product range with two polymer defoamers

    WorléeAdd VP 6510 and WorléeAdd VP 6500 are the names of the two new products in Worlée's "Additives" division, which are suitable for aqueous and...

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  • Chemical Raw Materials - 13.11.2018

    Worlée at the NVVT Meeting in Nieuwgein

    Lars Ossenschmidt will be speaking about WorléePur Si.

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  • Chemical Raw Materials - 13.11.2018

    Water-based acrylic binder for clear coats with outstanding properties

    The new WorléeCryl VP 7440 was developed in search of a clearcoat binder with high blocking resistance.

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