Chemical Raw Materials - 19.12.2017

Worlée: High UV stability now comes to polymer hardeners for epoxy resins

Two new products, WorléeCure VP 2000 und VP 2001, supplement the polymer hardeners group.

Today’s epoxy resin coatings are not just expected to feature high endurance and protection. More and more often, they must also be appealing on a visual level. The tendency of epoxy resin systems to yellow plays a central role in these considerations. 

Worlée presented its two new polymer hardeners WorléeCure VP 2000 and WorléeCure VP 2001 for the first time at the Worlée Seminar. Both products have been specifically developed for aesthetically appealing coatings. Application examples include exhibition spaces, retail shops or reception areas. Their higher UV stability differentiates them significantly from standard epoxy resin hardeners. 
Viscosity levels between 600 and 700 mPa*s enable a very good workability of the ready-to-use formulation along with pot lives ranging from 40 to 50 minutes. 

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