Chemical Raw Materials - 22.05.2018

Worlée-Chemie extends its participation in the UN Global Compact

With the publication of its “Communication of Progress”, the medium-sized company steps into the future with the global pact for an ecological and social economy.

One year after joining the UN Global Compact (UNGC), Worlée-Chemie published its very first “Communication of Progress” report (COP) in April 2018, thus complying with the UN Global Compact’s requirement to submit an annual report covering practical actions that support the Ten Principles of the UNGC.

Worlée-Chemie sets a high priority on supporting sustainability and environmental protection not just within its own business organisation but also along the entire value-added chain. The north German medium-sized company takes its environmental and human responsibilities very seriously, demonstrating its commitment through its corporate values and dedicated efforts, such as membership in the German Klimaschutz-Unternehmen, a German association of companies particularly concerned with climate protection, or its support of the German chemical industry’s Chemie³ sustainability initiative.

These are precisely the values that are important to UN Global Compact participants; beyond environmental protection, they actively support human rights and humane labour conditions while firmly rejecting corruption. 9,000 companies and 4,000 other organisations have already joined this initiative.

Together with all of its fellow partners in the pact, Worlée-Chemie also intends to continue setting standards in the area of sustainability and environmental protection.

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