Chemical Raw Materials - 24.09.2018

WorléePur: Achieving excellent resistances and fast drying

With the WorléePur product family, Worlée offers silane-functional polyurethanes for optimal properties.

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Although classical systems for high quality lacquers as for example 2K polyurethane systems which crosslink with isocyanates and oxidatively drying alkyd resins show generally good properties, there are some disadvantages which have to be accepted when using these systems.

Conventional 2K-PUR systems have a relatively short processing time and - depending on the used polyol and amount of isocyanate - a relatively long drying time. Besides, these 2K systems need a second component - an isocyanate - which is affected by labeling issues and needs specific handling.

In comparison, alkyd resins do not need a crosslinker but metal based siccatives for acceptable drying times. Furthermore, the addition of an anti-skinning agent is necessary to get a good storage stability.

To overcome the mentioned disadvantages Worlée achieved to develop a new binder technology. These silane functional polyurethanes are based on different polyols and allow a significant optimization of the properties of conventional systems.

The crosslinking process works with air humidity and is accelerated by a specific alkyl phosphate based catalyst. Another particular feature of this system is that ethanol is released during the crosslinking process and not toxic methanol as in comparable systems. In general, these silane functional polyurethanes provide long processing time in combination with fast drying and outstanding resistance properties. In addition, silane functional systems with alkyds as polyols do not need any metal based siccative or anti-skinning agent and do not show any yellowing tendency.

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