Chemical Raw Materials - 26.04.2019

Worlée expands its product group WorléePur Si with two new specialties

Two new product types complete the product portfolio of our silane functional polyurethane urea resins.

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At the last ECS in 2017, Worlée has already introduced a brand new, innovative product group for paint and coatings: silane functional polyurethane-urea resins which are produced on a base of different polyols and offer extraordinary characteristics. In addition to a long processing time and rapid drying process, these moisture-curing products have the advantage of extraordinary durability due to the pre-orientation of the polymers in the film and the subsequent fast chemical crosslinking.

Worlée has continued to conduct research in the field of these special products and now offers two new alternatives: WorléePur VP Si 2041 and WorléePur VP Si 2061. Besides the general characteristics of fast crosslinking and exceptional resistances, WorléePur VP Si 2041 was developed for high gloss and lower haze formulations. In contrast, WorléePur VP Si 2061 creates enhanced physical drying properties, a low penetration as well as a high film structure due to its high molecular weight.

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