Natural Raw Materials - 17.05.2019

The natural burst of organic and conventional fruit

Worlée extends its portfolio by new fruit powders. Due to their very high fruit content, they show excellent quality and provide your products with a true burst of fruit flavour.

From smoothies to sauces to baked goods, Worlée’s fruit powders can be used in many different ways and offer the best of healthy organically or conventionally produced dried fruits. The powders feature outstanding quality with their very high fruit content, and they provide products with a true burst of fruit flavour. Due to their natural fruity-sweet taste, they can be excellently used as natural alternatives to sugar and sweeteners.

Production methods:

During the production process for fruit powder, fruits are gently dried at a low temperature in an oxygen-free environment. This procedure allows for the maintenance of taste, colour, minerals and vitamins to the greatest extent possible. Following the drying process, the fruits are finely ground at temperatures below 40°C. The powders are produced without anticaking or special release agents in Germany exclusively for Worlée.


The fruit powders are 100 % natural and free of additives. As they are versatile in use, they work very well as a natural and flavour-intensive ingredient for drinks, smoothies, mueslis and many other product categories.

Current product portfolio:

  • Date powder
  • Mango powder
  • Pineapple powder
  • Physalis powder

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