Chemical Raw Materials - 30.07.2019

Worlée offers alternatives to cobalt dryers

Two product examples for the use of sustainable, environmentally and health-friendly catalysts in water-based and solvent-based systems.

Cobalt and its effects on human health have been increasingly in the focus of legislators and the media for some time now. Worlée has developed two new products as an alternative to the cobalt-based siccatives, which are very limited in use due to their suspected carcinogenic effects: WorléeAdd 2700 and WorléeAdd VP 2560.

WorléeAdd 2700
... is a cobalt-free catalyst to support the oxidative drying of water-based systems. It causes a fast surface drying and at the same time a good through-drying and hardness development. WorléeAdd 2700 shows low yellowing, good drying stability and is universally applicable and easy to dose.

WorléeAdd VP 2560
... is a cobalt-free catalyst for the oxidative drying of conventional alkyd resin paints. It is preferably used in combination with secondary dryers based on calcium and zirconium.

Both new products are based on special manganese complexes and have a comparatively low yellowing tendency due to their low metal content.

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