Cosmetic Raw Materials - 13.02.2020

Jojoba oil and squalane are becoming Worlée products

To standardize the range of cosmetic raw materials, the commercial products jojoba oil and squalane were renamed to our own Worlée brands.

Worlée Jojoba Oil
Worlée is one of the leading European suppliers of jojoba oil. Due to decades of experience Worlée has not only specialized in trading, but also in the refinement of jojoba oil into the valuable WorléeBeads jojoba.

Worlée Jojoba Oil Golden is produced from the ripe seeds of the jojoba bush by Cold pressing and filtration. The WorléeJojoba Oil Lite is additionally bleached and deodorized to obtain a colorless and odorless oil.

Both liquid waxes are used in hair, skin and nail care, in make-up products, bath oils and soaps. Both oils are also available as organic qualities. The products are certified organic by Ecocert IMO GmbH in accordance with the control procedure of Regulation (EC) No 834/2007.

Worlée Squalane
The WorléeSqualane Olive is a vegetable hydrocarbon that is obtained exclusively from valuable olive oil. Thereby deliberately abstains from the use of GMO or animal ingredients. The product is also validated according to Cosmos standards. It is therefore ideally suited for use in natural cosmetics. We guarantee the purity and origin through an identity check of every batch. Thanks to Worlée's know-how and foresight planning, the medium-sized company is in a position to offer its customers delivery reliabilityand continuity. WorléeSqualane is used for example in skin emulsions, sun care products, foundations or hair care products.

While the Worlée Jojoba Oil only changes the name of the article, the medium-sized company with WorléeSqualane Olive additionally fits the methods of analysis to market standards. In the future we will analyse and specify according to ISO methods (instead of Ph. Eur.).

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