Chemical Raw Materials - 27.11.2020

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Learn more about moisture-curing polyurethane-urea resins.

Key Speaker: Lars Ossenschmidt, Head of Technical Marketing Laboratory/Solvent-based Systems, Worlée-Chemie GmbH
Date: 2 December, 2 pm (German online seminar) & 13 January 2021, 2 pm (Englisch online seminar)

Urethane has been the basis for high-quality two-component coatings for decades. The development of this technology has changed the coatings industry significantly, and today a wide range of developments are still taking place on this basis. The increasing reduction in solvent content also requires an adjustment of the basic binders used. Those binders must have a higher solid content for the same viscosity level, which requires the reduction of the average molecular weight. Here, appropriate catalysts continue to ensure acceptable drying times and good reactivity, but significantly reduce the pot life and processing time.

Our moisture-curing polyurethane-urea binders enable the decoupling of drying and processing time. However, the technology also enables the optimization of other properties of classic polyurethanes.

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2 December 2020, 2 pm (German presention):
13 January 2021, 2 pm (English presentation):

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