Chemical Raw Materials - 29.08.2022

Bright Coatings project: Implementation of a 100% biobased alkyd coating

The transformation to a more sustainable world will also challenge the coatings and raw materials industry in the coming years. Therefore the urge to lower the industries CO2-footprint is becoming more important.

Altogether 10 partners have started the Bright Coatings project with the goal to demonstrate the implementation of a 100% biobased alkyd coating. Bio-aromatic MPA (3-methylphthalic anhydride), will be used to formulate new biobased resins for alkyd coatings which will be applied on an electric wheel loader. The project is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund under the REACT-EU programme.

Partners of the project include Consun Beet Company, Lenzing and Vertoro for the bio-waste, TNO, Biorizon and Relement for theconversion to (aromatic) building blocks, Worlée-Chemie for the resin synthesis, Baril Coatings for the production of the paint formulation and Straalbedrijf aswell a Tobroco Giant for the coating application on the electric wheel loader.

The whole process is highly innovative, since the bio-aromatic compound bio-MPA is the missing link in the production of a 100% biobased alkyd coating. The produced bio-MPA can be used as a high performance, competitive alternative for fossil based compounds. It allows the resins and coatings market to use 100% biobased performance alkyd coatings.

Contact Toine Biemans
Head of Research and Development
Tel.: +49 4153 596 4760

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