Chemical Raw Materials - 31.08.2022

Worlée-Chemie receives two awards in the Responsible Care Competition of the VCI North

We are delighted to have received a double award in this year's Responsible Care competition.

Wolfgang Große Entrup (VCI-Hauptgeschäftsführer) und Barbara Eschke (Worlée-Chemie GmbH)

The overall concept entitled "Our holistic concept for continuous dialog and sustainable transparency" was able to convince both the jury of the VCI Nord (1st place) and the jury of the VCI national competition (2nd place).

We were honored for our transparent dialog with a wide range of stakeholders, which has been practiced continuously for decades: The public, the neighborhood, local organizations and institutions such as schools, politicians at various levels, universities, and non-governmental organizations from the regional environment.

We use a wide variety of methods to exchange information with stakeholders, keep them informed and build up a trusting relationship. For example, we have been holding regular "open days" since 1993, with in-depth plant tours, lectures, entertainment and active involvement of local organizations. We also use school partnerships, workshops with students and plant tours for interested groups, e.g. from politics, NGOs or even the neighborhood.

Transparent reporting on all areas of sustainability that is comparable at national and international level is also important to us. Thus, we have voluntarily published regular sustainability reports in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative Standards since 2017.

With this whole bundle of exchanges, we have succeeded in building a reputation as a trustworthy and open company at our sites in northern Germany, throughout Germany, and also internationally.

We have found that it's worth to maintain an open dialogue and also to seek very personal contacts. In this way, we have continuously built up mutual trust and experience appreciation and support from society.

Barbara Eschke
Tel.: +49 4153 596 4130

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