Wolf-Rüdiger Willert (3rd year of training) chemical technician

Would you recommend the training at Worlée to your best friend? Why?
Yes, of course! The working atmosphere at Worlée is very pleasant. It is quite apparent that we are working in a family company, for the atmosphere is “typically familiar”. I do not feel like a number here, but rather like a part of a large family – that is great.

Were you soon allowed to work independently?
Yes, I was allowed to do this - indeed, quite early on. During my probation period, I already noticed how much responsibility one is given. This demonstration of trust is a wonderful feeling, as it leads a person to quickly develop a sense of self-reliance.

What meaning does occupational safety have in your daily life?
For me, occupational safety is one of the most important things in my daily life. There is always a minor risk when one is working with chemical materials. However, we are always given instructions and are then also well prepared for future work!