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We embrace responsible business practices

Worlée NaturProdukte GmbH is deeply aware of its social responsibility. Compliance with laws and legal regulations is a matter of course for us. In view of the growing complexity of our increasingly globalised economy, the importance of responsible conduct becomes ever more significant in our daily business. This is why we are dedicated to ethically correct, environmentally friendly and socially fair interaction with all parties throughout the entire supply chain. In this respect, Worlée’s commitment extends far beyond legal requirements.

Our written code of conduct serves as a guideline and orientation for our company and suppliers. Together with our suppliers, we uphold the following principles and values towards all business partners throughout the supply chain:

  • The right to unionisation and collective bargaining 
  • Freedom from all discrimination
  • Appropriate and fair remuneration (legal minimums are our absolute wage floor)
  • Humane working hours
  • Occupational health and safety in accordance with legal standards
  • Prohibition of child labour
  • Special protective measures for young workers
  • No precarious employment relationships
  • Prohibition of forced labour
  • Assurance of Animal Welfare
  • Commitment to environmental protection and compliance with environmental laws
  • Ethical business

You can find our code of conduct for service providers here.

You can find our code of conduct for suppliers here.

Should you wish to report deviations from our Code of Conduct in business practices in our supply chains, please use our complaints and whistleblower form here.

For ease of reading, no gender-specific differentiation is made. To ensure equality, corresponding terms apply to all genders (m/f/x).