WorléeBase – Pigment Dispersions

WorléeBase AQ products are prepared pigment dispersions based on an aqueous polymer-pigment mixture. Beside the standard range, we offer tailor-made colors on request. A simplified application in formulations such as eyeliners, foundations, water-based nail polishes or mascaras. Cost saving in terms of process time and equipment are key benefits as well as the high color strength of pigments. WorléeBase AQ products are also free of PEG and emulsifiers.


✔ High color strength for pigments

✔ Good batch consistency of color

✔ Good storage stability

✔ Water-based

✔ PEG/EO free

✔ Cold processing, easy addition without grinding or dispersing of the pigment

✔ No dust, no danger to employee

✔ Reduces process time and equipment, huge cost savings

✔ FDA certified or exempt from FDA certification

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